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50PCS RCA blank CARTON BOX for Audio Tubes ECC83 ECC803S 12AX7 6922

50PCS RCA blank CARTON BOX for Audio Tubes ECC83 ECC803S 12AX7 6922

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Model: RCA ECC83 ECC803S 12AX7 6922

Brand: RCA

Type: Tube Box

They are COMPLETE BOXES, already folded and glued!!!


For sale are fifty (50 pcs) never used vintage RCA blank carton tube box for small NOVAL, DECAL and MINIATUR tubes without type printing on top of boxes.

They are suitable for ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, ECC85, ECC88, ECC801S, ECC802S, ECC803S, E88CC, E188CC and many other types.

They are made in 80s and 90s when EI Yugoslavia tube factory produced many types of tubes for major tube brands like Telefunken, Philips, Valvo, SIemens, Ge, RCA,  ...

Dimensions: 7.0x2.5x2.5cm

Please pay attention that these boxes are not suitable for: EL84 / 6BQ5, EL86 / 6CW5, PL84, ECL/PCL86, PFL200, ... For these types you need a bit bigger noval boxes, I have them in stock too.


I collect tubes and tube gear for more then 35 years and I start to sell recently, please be sure to check my other items and visit my store for more rare NOS tubes and parts.

If you buy any item on ebay from me and for if you are not fully satisfied for any reason or have any complains, please send me message before leaving negative or neutral feedback or opening a case. I really do care about your satisfaction and I’ll do my best to solve any kind of problem.

I have more than 250000 NOS tubes in stock and just small part is listed here, if you are interested in any specific tube or part, please send me message.

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