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EL84 6BQ5 EI Mullard - NOS platinum matched quad Made in Yugoslavia Philips tool

EL84 6BQ5 EI Mullard - NOS platinum matched quad Made in Yugoslavia Philips tool

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Country of Manufacture: Yugoslavia

Model: EL84 6BQ5

Brand: Philips

Auction is for one platinum matched quad (4 tubes) of rare EL84 6BQ5 EI Yugoslavia made back in 80s. 

They are hi quality EL84 pentodes, made under Mullard / Philips licence and on original Philips / Mullard tooling. Gray plates, halo ring, copper grid posts, three slots in plate. They can be used in all EL84 / 6BQ5 applications. 

The same Philips Heerlen EL84 tooling was used also in Mullard Blackburn tube plant (early version, later versions had one hole instead of three slots), Valvo Hamburg and Siemens. These tubes were made in early 80s after EI Nis tube factory has bought complete Siemens Munich tube plant with all machines, materials, stamped plates, cathodes and winded grids. That's whay they are more expensive than some other EI batches, but they really sound like genuine Siemens - Philips EL84 / 6BQ5!

They are carefully matched by plate current and transconductance on my Metrix and Hickok testers.

I collect tubes and tube gear for more than 35 years and I start to sell recently, please be sure to check my other items and visit my store eBay store for more rare NOS tubes and parts.

I have more than 250000 NOS tubes in stock and just small part is listed here, if you are interested in any specific tube or part, please send me message.

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