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Matched Pair 5654 6AK5W EF95 6J1P-EV Voskhod gold grid 1981 Yaqin Little Dot

Matched Pair 5654 6AK5W EF95 6J1P-EV Voskhod gold grid 1981 Yaqin Little Dot

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Brand: Voskhod

Type: 6J1P EF95 5654 6AK5

Model: 6J1P-EV

Country of Manufacture: USSR

Country/Region of Manufacture: Russian Federation

Auction is for one Platinum matched pair (two tubes) of rare Voskhod 6J1P-EV 6ZH1P-EV 5654 / 6AK5W / EF95 6J1P-EV NOS tubes. They are real Voskhod, gold platinum grid, cup getter with rocket logo made back in January 1981 in USSR in famous Kaluga tube plant.

In white boxes, from bulk packaging 100 pcs. 

They come in perfectly matched pairs ( within 5%)due to big quantity I have in stock. Tested on Metrix U61B for plate current and Hickok I-177 for transconductance, also tested for microphonics.

This is very very good sounding 5654 / EF95 tube, great performer and great improvement in Yaqin and Little Dot amplifiers.

Please see also my other EF95/6AK5/E95F/5654 types, I have many Mullard, Siemens&Halske, Philips and Telefunken in stock.

I collect tubes and tube gear for more than 35 years and I start to sell recently, please be sure to check my other items and visit my eBay store for more rare NOS tubes and parts.

I have more than 250000 NOS tubes in stock and just small part is listed here, if you are interested in any specific tube or part, please send me message.

If you buy any item on ebay from me and for if you are not fully satisfied for any reason or have any complains, please send me message before leaving negative or neutral feedback or opening a case. I really do care about your satisfaction and I’ll do my best to solve any kind of problem.

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