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Siemens Klangfilm Electrolytic capacitor 100uF 500V Glass end seal

Siemens Klangfilm Electrolytic capacitor 100uF 500V Glass end seal

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One (1 pcs) used, tested, vintage audio capacitor. Extremely rare and great sounding, ideal for tube amplifiers.

Made by Siemens, Klangfilm, West Germany in late 60s - early 70s.

Extremely rare, glass end seal!

Perfect replacement and upgrade for hi end amplifiers and preamps.

100µF 500V PIO (metal can, glass end seal)

100mfd 500V Elyt rauh IA

Part No. B43531-A5107-Q

45x53(60mm overall)x100mm


Easy way to Improve the tone of your amplifier with these vintage capacitors! 

It is enough to pay attention to one detail and understand how superior they are compared to anything from today's production.

Glass End Seals, shown in the photos.

Made almost 6 decades ago, they still have all the characteristics within tolerance. Even then, these capacitors were many, many times more expensive than "ordinary" capacitors. The difference is, that at that time it was covered by technological solutions and expenses of processes, and today it's just marketing ploy.

Brand: Siemens

Country/Region of Manufacture: West Germany

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