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Mullard Mustard Philips

Two vintage Mullard Mustard Capacitors 0.47mfd / 160V (470nF) Marshall,Fender ..

Two vintage Mullard Mustard Capacitors 0.47mfd / 160V (470nF) Marshall,Fender ..

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Brand: Mullard Mustard Philips

Two (2) NOS vintage audio capacitors, rare and great sounding, made in 60s and 70s, by Mullard Mustard Philips, perfect replacement and upgrade for hi end amplifiers and preamp and specially for guitar amplifiers like Marshall, Fender, VOX, Binson, HIWATT, ... 

0,47 µF 160V (polyester film, axial leads) 470nF/160V

Easy way to add specific vintage tone to your guitar tube amplifier! 

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